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Sofa- A sofa is a long, comfortable seat with a back and usually with arms, which two or three people can sit on.

Sofas are one of the important furniture to make  your house to be more beautiful
 choosing the right sofa for your home and your lifestyle is a serious matter. When buying a new sofa, here are some things to keep in line:
1. Color. It’s tempting to go impartial when buying a couch, so the piece works in an assortment of distinctive spaces. That produces sense. But on the off chance that you cherish color, do not be perplexed of it – a couch can be an explanation piece and color makes it exciting.
2. Size. The measure could be a major consideration when buying a couch. It ought to fit in your space – it shouldn’t overpower or underwhelm. Loveseats, like this one, are ordinarily between 60 and 78 inches wide…while standard couches like this one are between 79 and 84 inches…and sectionals require indeed greater space.
3. Shape. are a critical component of the in general look.
4. Comfort. simple to get caught up in how a sofa looks
5. Cushion appearance. Overstuffed pads see casual and comfortable, whereas custom fitted pads see advanced. This couch features an extraordinary blend of custom-made footpads and free beat pillows…and this extremely custom-fitted couch is super smart.
6. Legs. You do not have to see a sofa’s legs, but on the off chance that you are, doing the fashion and fabric of the legs includes the, in general, see of the piece. Steel? Present-dayLavish wood? Conventional. And so on.
7. Arm style. Sofa’s styles are intensely affected by their arms. This sofa’s rolled arms include a ladylike Craftsmanship Deco component to a couch that would see much more manly and present-day with straight arms.
8. Frame.  A strong Frame is a fundamental component of a great couch. You do not need it to fold beneath you! Sit and move around on the couch sometime recently buying it- you’ll get a feel for the development and how well it’ll hold up.
9. Fabric. Lifestyle is an important thought when choosing on a soft textureErotic textures like silk and velvet culminate for the grown-up, advanced spaces…
10. Pattern. As with color, a few individuals modest absent from designed couches, but they can see incredible, either in a room outlined to see active


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